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polypropylene,baler,sisal, tea and coffee bags
using the latest technology available in the market


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To meet the increasing market demands
with our best natural products in an enviroment friendly manner.


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Welcome to Premier Bag & Cordage LTD

The company started her operations in the year 1934 under the name of East African Bag and Cordage Ltd. From the year 1990 the company became locally managed under the name of Premier Bag and Cordage Ltd. Her opertations is in two units i.e natural fibre section ( Sisal Plant) and polypropylene section (Pp Plant). Throughout the years the comapny has been the sole producer of sisal coffee and tea bags,ropes , twines and cloth in Kenya. We supply bags to all coffee millers and tea estates in Kenya.We have also ventured in the world market in supplying sisal polishing cloth.

What We Do

PremierBag & Cordage LTD is the only company manufacturing sisal bags in kenya.
The Company manufactures polypropylene bags and sisal products in Kenya. The Company has manufacturing facility in Juja, Thika. The sisal capacity of the plant is 300MTN per month. the company makes various sizes of polypropylene bags, sisal tea bags, coffee bags as well as sisal bags for the packaging of grains, potatoes etc. The polypropylene plant makes high denier bags used to pack heavy duty products for long term storage such as maize and wheat. The Company is supplying its products to all customers through its network of sales offices across country. Major Customers include grain milling companies, fertilizer importers, KTDA, Coffee Mills and NCPB.

Featured Products


Sisal Potato Bags
Natural Potato Sack used for potatoes, bags and wheat.